How Can Your Dentist Prevent Future Outbreaks Of Denture Stomatitis?

Denture wearers sometimes suffer from a thrush-based oral infection known as denture stomatitis. This infection can make it hard to wear your false teeth; it makes your gums and mouth red and sore. You might also have signs of the fungus, such as white patches on your mouth's soft tissues.

While anti-fungal medications can cure the infection, it might return. If your dentures or dental hygiene caused your initial problems, then you're more likely to have the same problem in the future unless you make some changes.

Your dentist can help you minimise the chances of recurring stomatitis problems. How?

Your Dentist Can Check Your Denture Fit

Some people develop stomatitis because their dentures don't fit well. If your teeth rub against your gums or soft tissues, either because they are too loose or too tight, then you could get a fungal infection.

Your dentist can check your denture fit. If your dentures have lost their initial fit, then they might recommend that you have them relined or replaced.

Your Dentist Can Boost Your Oral Hygiene Routine

While dentures don't develop the same problems as natural teeth, you still need to dedicate some time to keeping them clean. For example, you should clean your teeth and their plates every day. Many people use a special toothbrush to do this job that won't damage their dentures.

Your dentist can check that you are cleaning your false teeth correctly. They might recommend that you use an antimicrobial mouthwash as well to help keep future fungal infections at bay.

Plus, your dentist might recommend regular overnight deep cleans. Here, you soak your teeth in a denture cleaner overnight while you sleep. This helps remove residual stains and bacteria that your toothbrush might not clean off.

Your Dentist Can Give You Denture-Wearing Tips

If your dentures fit well and feel comfortable, then you might not feel the need to take them out at night. However, you're more likely to get thrush infections if you wear false teeth 24/7.

Dentures stress your gums and soft tissues. You can develop sores on your gums if they are in constant contact with your false teeth. These sores increase the risk of stomatitis problems.

So, your dentist will recommend giving your mouth a break every day. For example, they might tell you to take your teeth out every night to keep your gums in better shape.

To find out more, contact a dentist to schedule a denture dental examination.

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