3 Ways Vaping Affects Your Oral Health

While you might have started vaping because you feel it is a healthier alternative to smoking, this habit sometimes affects your health. For example, vaping can have negative effects on your teeth and gums. What kind of damage can vaping do here?

1. You're More Likely to Have a Dry Mouth

The aerosol effects of vaping can dry out your mouth. Your mouth relies on a consistent flow of saliva to stay healthy. For example, your saliva washes harmful substances out of your mouth.

If your mouth becomes excessively dry because you vape, then you lose some of this protection. More bacteria will stay in your mouth. It will lodge around your gum line and around or between your teeth.

At the very least, you might start to suffer from regular bad breath. You might find this problem hard to control. If you continue vaping, then the bacteria that cause bad breath will continue to sit in your mouth. In some cases, people also start to get irritating or painful mouth ulcers when they vape.

Over time, a persistent dry mouth increases the chances of problems such as dental decay and gum disease. The soft tissues in your mouth might become sore and inflamed if they don't get enough moisture to keep them in a healthy state.

2. You Might Get More Cavities

If you use vaping products with sweet aromas and tastes, then you might expose your teeth to harmful substances. For example, sweet flavourings and chemicals can have the same effects as sugars. They can make your teeth decay. If you vape regularly and use these flavourings, then you might need more remedial dental work such as fillings.

3. Your Teeth Might Still Stain

While vaping might not stain the teeth as much as smoking, it can still discolour your teeth. Vapes might not contain as many harmful or staining substances, like tar or tobacco; however, they might still contain some nicotine.

If you use nicotine-based vaping products, then your teeth could become discoloured. You might need to spend more time and money in your dental clinic having your teeth cleaned to get rid of the stains.

Bear in mind that vaping is a relatively new habit. New data about its effects come to light all the time. To keep on top of how your habit affects your oral health, make sure to visit your dentist regularly. They can help you deal with any teeth or gum problems you get from vaping and keep a regular check on your overall oral health.

For more information on how vaping affects your oral health, contact a dentist near you.

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