3 Dentist-Approved Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

If you ask your dentist to recommend a toothbrush that can keep your teeth healthy, it is likely that they will recommend an electric brush. Here are three reasons why you should consider investing in an electric toothbrush if you do not already have one.

1. Remove More Plaque

Electric toothbrushes can remove more than 20% more plaque than brushing with a regular manual brush. Getting rid of plaque every day is the best way to protect your teeth from decay. The bacteria that live in plaque produce waste acids as they break down sugars in your food, which can damage enamel, eventually creating cavities.

The rapid movement of an electric toothbrush head allows it to scrape more plaque from the surface of each tooth than a manual brush is able to remove. Be sure to keep your electric toothbrush charged so that it can oscillate at full speed.

2. Control Brushing Pressure

Many people apply too much pressure when they are brushing their teeth. This excessive force can cause damage to the tooth enamel and cause irritation to the gums. Over time, brushing too hard can even contribute to receding gums, a condition that affects many older people.

Many electric toothbrushes contain a sensor that detects when you are applying too much pressure to your teeth. The toothbrush can light up or vibrate to let you know that you need to be a little more gentle. Over time, this feedback can help you to learn how much pressure is appropriate to apply to your teeth while brushing.

3. Brush for Longer

Dentists recommend that everyone brushes their teeth for a minimum of two minutes every morning and evening. However, studies have shown that the average person brushes for as little as 45 seconds. By brushing for too little time, you risk leaving plaque on your teeth, which over time can lead to gum disease and cavities.

Electric toothbrushes typically contain a timer that causes the brush to vibrate once every 30 seconds. When you feel the vibration, you should move on to the next quarter of your mouth and clean the teeth by holding the brush gently against each tooth in turn. After two minutes, the brush vibrates with a different pattern to let you know that you can stop brushing. By brushing for long enough every day, you can help to protect your teeth from decay and keep your gums healthy.

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