4 Reasons Why You Should Visit a General Dentist

Did you know that about 65 per cent of dental procedures are preventative or diagnostic? A general dentist places a strong focus on oral hygiene and health to prevent oral disease progression. General dentistry involves diagnosing, treating and managing oral healthcare requirements. Your general dentist will perform regular check-ups that emphasise preventative maintenance. The following are the benefits of general dentistry.

1. Identifying Problems Early

Your dentist has various modern tools which will assist them to detect cavities and other infections at an early stage. When they identify issues like gum disease and cavities, they can treat the infection. General dentistry involves the prevention of oral infections as well as other dental problems. Routine cleaning assists in the prevention of teeth stains and discolouration.

2. Treating Cavities

When your general dentist cannot reverse your infection, they may treat the cavity using a filling. Dental fillings are crucial when restoring teeth after they crack or experience excess wear. These dentists diagnose and address causal factors of tooth pain or gum infection. They can also provide missing teeth treatments, place bridgework or crowns and assist in fitting dentures. Your dentist will also point you in the right direction when you require prompt treatment for your dental trauma.

3. Preventing Severe Health Complications

 Studies show that tooth disease and decay have a relation with more severe problems like heart disease. Some dental issues are related to problems in your other body parts, and vice versa. For instance, untreated oral diseases may relate to poor management of diabetes, pregnancy complications and more cardiovascular problems. Your dentist has the competence to diagnose such issues and provide treatment or referral when necessary. Your general dentist will also provide counsel on nutrition, tobacco cessation and general wellness and health details.

4. Whitening Teeth 

Everybody likes bright white smiles. This preventative process will assist in making your teeth whiter. Routine general dentistry will eradicate plaque as well as food stains on your teeth. This procedure can also help with things like bad breath. Proper dental hygiene will boost your success in social situations and in your career. 

General dentistry preserves the wellbeing and health of your gums and teeth. This process will prevent worsening dental problems. To repair the wear and tear, you will have to visit your dentist routinely. General dentists are responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and general service coordination to fulfil your oral health needs.

For more information, call a general dentist.

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Did you know that about 65 per cent of dental procedures are preventative or diagnostic? A general dentist places a strong focus on oral hygiene