7 Ways to prevent Teeth Discoloration

A bright, white smile is attractive and something many people seek. However, there are certain foods and drinks we consume that discolour the teeth and make it hard to keep them white. Ageing can also contribute to teeth staining. A buildup of plaque helps anchor stains causing staining. Here are a few ways to prevent teeth discolouration.

1.    Use A Straw Some

drinks you consume can stain your teeth, and they include coffee, juice, iced tea, soda, etc. When taking such beverages use a drinking straw to prevent them from touching your teeth.

2.    Brush Your Teeth After Meals

Brushing your teeth regularly after you've had a meal is an essential way to counter teeth discolouration. Brush twice a day at a minimum, once in the morning after breakfast and once at night after dinner. You can opt to brush after having lunch too if you desire to be more cautious. Brush your teeth using circular motions for two minutes to clean them thoroughly. A good brushing regimen should form the bulk of your daily defence against discolouration.

3.    Use an Electric Toothbrush

For some people, manual brushing may not be as effective, and an electric toothbrush, therefore, becomes a good option for them. The automation of the physical part of the brushing process can encourage regular and effective brushing that combats discolouration.

4.    Regular Professional Cleaning

Having your teeth cleaned regularly by your dentist every six months helps you reduce or avoid discolouration. Professional teeth cleaning involves striping the teeth of built-up plaque and using a paste specially designed to deep clean them. Regular appointments will ensure that any stains that get through your daily home regimen don't build up over time.

5.    Discover Your Plaque Quotient

Identify where the plaque is building up in your teeth to pay particular attention to those areas to discourage discolouration. Your dentist will use disclosing solution to identify these areas.

6.    Use Whitening Toothpaste

Modern whitening toothpaste uses peroxide in the place of abrasives to whiten your teeth after every brushing session. Consult your dentist to find out the best whitening paste you can use on a daily basis to beat back teeth stains.

7.    Floss Regular

Regular flossing in addition to brushing helps eliminate plaque which reduces the chances of discolouration.


You do not have to completely abstain from your favourite cola, coffee or food to keep your teeth white; you only need to be a little more careful.  

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