Why Orthodontic Work May Sometimes Be Necessary in Young Children

As a parent, you will undoubtedly realise the importance of dental care for your children and understand that you need to instill specific habits so that they are set up for a lifetime of good oral health. You may also understand the importance of taking them to a dentist during their early years for regular checkups. However, you may not be aware that orthodontic work might be necessary as a preventive measure during these formative years. What should you be aware of, just in case it is applicable for your family?

Early Intervention

Dentists now feel that preventive work and orthodontic treatment can be better in certain cases before the actual eruption of the permanent teeth.

Maintaining Space

For example, if some of the baby teeth are suffering decay, or one may have been knocked out accidentally, undesirable tooth movements can occur. Sometimes, adjoining teeth will rotate or crowd their neighbours. This can result in the development of an excessive overbite, as well. The dentist may consider introducing space maintainers to keep everything in its place. These can be bonded to the other teeth in some cases, or can be removable.


If, on the other hand, it is concluded that natural space is restricted for the normal growth of teeth, child braces may be required in order to move everything back into its proper space. The dentist will always try, however, to readjust what is there, rather than extracting any teeth if at all possible. Orthodontic braces are so advanced these days that your practitioner will generally be able to achieve whatever results are desired.

Replacement Is Necessary

If any extractions are needed, this is usually because there is a specific defect (in particular concerning the enamel) on the initial baby teeth. So long as these teeth are removed by a certain time, the permanent molars should erupt into the correct position. It may be necessary to include some braces as the tooth erupts, to ensure that it develops into the correct position.

Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

In the majority of cases, no intervention will be required by the dentist while the child's dentition is forming. However, where work is needed, it should be pursued so that larger problems in later life are avoided and the patient will need to make far fewer visits for corrective work in the future.

Make sure that you take your child in for regular inspection by the dentist.

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