Why Your Long-Held Views About Dentures Are Way Out Of Date

Have you been putting off a visit to the dentist for some significant work because you're really unsure about the quality of the product you will get? You may remember that your grandparents used to have to struggle with their dentures and you didn't particularly like the fake teeth that they'd been given. However, the dental industry of today is significantly different. You'll be able to get a comfortable, affordable and good-looking alternative and shouldn't put off your visit any longer. What's changed in order to bring this about?

How Times Have Changed

Denture products from several generations ago were somewhat difficult to deal with. Invariably, they didn't fit particularly well and may have caused their wearers some daily issues. However, today they are made from a very different material and are tailor-made to fit perfectly by measuring the internal dimensions of the mouth at the initial stage.

An acrylic base is created to cover the top of the mouth to host one set of dentures. The bottom set is designed so that it is tailored to the arc of the jaw and contoured to fit around the tongue.

Getting the Right Impression

The dentist will take great care to develop the right impressions of your mouth's interior, and the dimensions can be sent to the lab for the products to be created. In certain circumstances, dentures can also be implanted into the mouth and affixed with metal implants.

Futuristic Technology

Did you know that some dentists use holographic scanning to create an amazing, three-dimensional image of your mouth's interior? This type of technology is very advanced compared to what was available "back in the day."

Even more space-age technology has arrived in the dentist's office, as the experts are now able to get a very accurate impression of the muscles within the face. This shows them how you bite down very specifically, which allows them to create a great fit during the denture design phase.

Time Required

You needn't worry about protracted visits to the dentist in order to get your dentures fitted. In some cases, it may be possible to extract any teeth necessary and fit dentures to the proper specification on the same day.

Finally, don't worry if you still have some existing teeth that you want to keep. You don't have to opt for a full set of dentures, as you can consider partial solutions and some direct implants in order to achieve the perfect solution in your case. Just have a word with your dentist to start the process.

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