Three Ways to Make Your Teeth Whiter

Many people who have discoloured teeth feel embarrassed by this issue, so much so that they feel less inclined to smile, talk or laugh in the presence of others. If this is the case for you, read on to find out about three ways you can make your teeth whiter.

Have a professional whitening treatment

The most effective way to make discoloured teeth whiter is to have your teeth professionally whitened by a cosmetic dentist. During the treatment, the dentist will apply a strong solution of bleach onto the enamel of your teeth. It will then be left on for between 30 to 60 minutes. This should fade any discolouration and make your teeth several shades whiter.

If your teeth are severely discoloured, you may need to undergo multiple treatments in order to achieve the results you desire. These will usually be carried out over the course of several weeks.

It should be noted that, occasionally, people who have their teeth whitened in this manner experience an increase in sensitivity. This can normally be resolved by switching to a desensitising toothpaste. Alert your dentist if you experience this extreme sensitivity following whitening.

Be wary of bad habits and certain types of drinks

Certain bad habits, such as smoking, can have a very negative impact on the appearance of your teeth. The tar and nicotine in tobacco can quickly turn your pearly whites an unsightly yellow colour. If you continue to smoke for several years, this yellowish tinge will get darker and more noticeable. As such, if you're a smoker who is concerned about tooth discolouration, you may want to consider quitting.

Specific drinks can also affect the colour of your teeth. They do this in one of two ways; they either stain the enamel, or they erode it and thus reveal the yellow-tinged dentin that lies below. Red wine, coffee and teas of every kind will all cause staining, whilst highly-acidic carbonated drinks and fruit juices will result in erosion.

Erosion-induced discolouration is not usually reversible. However, if your teeth have become discoloured as a result of consuming tea, coffee and wine, you should be able to improve their appearance simply by avoiding these drinks in the future.

Use the right toothpaste

Using a whitening toothpaste can also make a significant difference to the colour of your teeth. This type of toothpaste usually contains a combination of abrasive ingredients (such as bicarbonate of soda), which act as micro-polishers, and special chemicals that have the ability to dissolve stains.

Because they do not contain the powerful bleaching agents that are used during a professional whitening treatment, they cannot deliver the same kind of results. With this being said, when used daily for several weeks, they can remove light surface stains caused by drinking excess amounts of tea, coffee and red wine.

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