6 Benefits of Clear Customized Aligners over Metallic Braces

While tooth alignment is often done on children and teenagers, it isn't uncommon to find adults that need tooth alignment. Often, these adults shy away from the procedure because they don't want to be seen with the metal wires and brackets used with the more common metal braces. This is especially because they have to be on permanently for months and even years depending on the degree of misalignment. This article highlights the benefits of clear custom braces over conventional braces, and why you can use them even in adulthood.

1. Invisibility

Clear custom braces are almost invisible, unlike conventional braces that can be seen from a mile away. As such, you may go around feeling self-conscious, affecting your social interactions. Clear aligners are see-through and hence your natural tooth colour remains visible. Only on close observation would a person see you have braces on.

2. Not permanent

You can take out your clear aligner trays, unlike metal braces which are permanently fixed and can only be removed by your dentist. While you're advised to have the aligners for as long as possible in order to hasten the realignment process, you can easily remove them for important photo sessions or social gatherings and put them right back when you get away.

3. Hassle-free dental hygiene

One of the most stressful things about having metal braces is the difficulty introduced to your regular oral hygiene regimen. In addition, you are advised to brush teeth after every meal or snack and floss twice every day when you have metal braces. Manoeuvring between the wires, brackets and your teeth is especially difficult, and you have to get special hard floss which passes between the teeth easier. Clear custom braces feature removable trays so that you brush and floss as you normally do. You don't need any special toothbrushes or floss for the job.

4. Dietary flexibility

People with metal braces are severely restricted in the types of food they can eat. This is because the metal braces and fragile, and chewy, hard or sticky foods are harder to clean out after eating. You can easily take out your removable custom tray, indulge in whatever food you want, clean your teeth and then put it right back.

5. No allergies

A small percentage of the population suffer metal allergies, which means that conventional braces aren't an option. If you're among them, clear custom braces are made of plastic and hence won't aggravate your allergies.

6. Easier dental appointments

If using clear braces, you will need to go in every so often to get new trays, and that's all you need to do. No need to worry about spending the appointment being pricked by wires while the wires and brackets are being installed or adjusted.

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